SB SDK  1.9

SB is the dynamic library of the SqueezeBrains products. SB stands for SqueezeBrains.
The SB library is written in C language.
It is based on artificial intelligence for digital image processing and includes two modules:

  • Retina, a module for the detection of objects.
  • Surface, a module for the detection of surface defects.

See section How SB works for more information.
These two modules share common data structures and functions but they perform a different type of elaboration on the image.

This reference manual contains the following sections:

  • Change Log: contains the change log of the SB Library.
  • Guides: contains some guides regarding the main aspects of the SB Library, like the project management, the features management, etc.
  • Tutorials: contains come tutorials regarding the main operations performed with the SB Library, like the library initialisation, the training and the detection.
  • FAQ: contains suggestions for solving the most common training and test problems.
  • Modules: contains the description of the main modules that compose the SB Library, like the Image, the ROI, the samples, etc.
  • Data Structures: contains the data structures of the SB Library.
  • Files: contains the public files of the SB Library.